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I am a graphic designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Design Communications. Designing became a passion of mine in high school working on my school’s newspaper and I have not stopped designing since.


As I explored my interests in design in college, I found a love for packaging design and illustration. Watching designs come to life in packaging is something that always excites me and I love to incorporate illustrations into my design work.


In my free time, I practice photography and have incorporated it into my work by taking photos of my work. I’m always looking for a new challenge in photography and illustration whether that be new lighting techniques or a new style of illustration. When I have free time, I take my illustrations and make stickers out of them.


I think it’s really important to collaborate creatively with the people around you and surround yourself with creative people who inspire you. When I go out to take photos, work on a photoshoot, or work on my design work, I love to have other designers, photographers, and creatives around me.


  • I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and naturally became a deep dish pizza lover

  • In my free time, I love to cook and bake. Nights with friends often include tacos and cookies for dessert made by me. 

  • I am an animal lover and love to spend time in the outdoors especially with my dogs. When I can’t be outdoors I bring the outdoors inside with my collection of houseplants.

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I'm Sheridan

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