I am a graphic designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Design Communications and experience in a wide variety of formats including, but not limited to, social media images, marketing graphics, branding, basic animations, pitch decks, and proposals. In high school, designing became a passion of mine working on my school’s newspaper, and I have not stopped designing since.


As I explored my interests in design in college, I found a love for packaging design and illustration. Watching designs come to life in packaging always excites me and I love to incorporate my own illustrations into my design work.

Currently, I am a Creative Coordinator working in the music industry. I have experience in album cover design, social media design, GIF sticker creation, GIF creation, and creative direction. 


In my free time, I can be found tending to my plants, spending time with my cat, and taking my creativity to the kitchen through the art of cooking and baking. I believe in the importance and influence of being around creative people who inspire you. Because of this, I love to collaborate with other designers, experiment with decorating cakes with my friends, and take photos with the creative people around me.

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